Welcome to my Portfolio.
I am a visual artist based in Kotka.

Latest adventures in PORTFOLIO 2020

Latest exhibition in in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

LATEST news:

Yeastograms in the cover and featured in the book: Art as We Don’t Know It.

I joined the Artist Register which is the largest index of professional artists in Finland.

What I Do

Current Project: Colourful Microbial Images, in Portfolio.

My artistic research explores my own relationship with nature and how nature is affected by my actions. I also study the perishableness and disappearance of matter.

I produce living images with raster images, uv-light and yeast. After exposure (aprx. 48h) I photograph the outcome.

More info and images:


Who I Am

I am mother of one child and an aunt to five children, I love green color, cycling, coffee and cows.

I am a member of Amnesty International, Red Cross and Finnish Bioart Society. New membership with MUU ry.

I have Master’s of Arts degree from Aalto-university School of Arts, Design and Architecture.


My Latest Projects

The latest exhibitions and artistic research can be found in this -site.

The artistic research has been done with different types of growth mediums that are used in basic microbiology. Raster images are exposed onto cultivated yeast with Ultraviolet LED and fluorescent lamps. The original Yeastogram technique by Lucas Czjzek from the Bioart Club Pavillon_35 / Vienna Austria.

Active people now (2017) doing yeastograms with the Pavillon_35 -group are
Sonja Bäumel, Moya Hoke, Kristin Weissenberger and Günter Seyfried.


Mänttä Art Festival and Solo show in Maritime Centre Vellamo exhibitions in Portfolio 2019.

OPEN LABS group exhibition

15.3. - 2.6.2019 in Science Gallery Dublin.

SPLICE, Re-examining Nature

20.5. - 12.11.2017 in Oulu Art Museum.
More info about the exhibition in Bioart Society`s website

The HYBRID MATTERs -exhibition in Forum Box, Helsinki 2016

The HYBRID MATTERs -website

Kotka Photographic center 2016

First solo exhibition with real yeastograms on display.

Dortmund 2015-16

Neu Gold-exhibition. More info.

Vanishing Images -Yeastograms and Agar Plates

Yeastograms from the Thesis project 2014

Tokyo Spiral Hall Exhibition 2014

Sounds from Finland -exhibition with Aalto university.

More images from the exhibition.

Spiral Hall information



Selected photographs

Paris Metro 2012

City Sets -exhibition in metroline 14.


Hanko installation 2012

School work, Contact photography -course.

Contact info:


+358 40 7606745

Kotka, Finland

@yeastograms in Instagram

Yeastograms in Vimeo

Review of the book 'Art as We Don't Know It". by Sini Mononen /HS

About the book launch and exhibition opening in YLE News. By Jussi Mankkinen /Yle

Article about the exhibition and more. By Jussi Mankkinen /Yle

Exhibition in SOLU, Katajanokka, Helsinki.